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Conservation Projects

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stop aquatic hitchhikers! Prevent the transport of nuisance species. clean all recreational equipment.

If you are a water recreationist—boater, angler, water-skier, sailor, or canoeist—there are some important things you can do to prevent the transport of invasive species from one lake or river to another. In Minnesota it is illegal to transport prohibited invasive species.

AIS Club Tournament Notification

Starting in 2011, every club hosting at least 1 club tournament on infested waters receive an AIS club tournament notification letter.
View example AIS notification letter

Boat Inspections

Boat Inspection Checklist Boat Survey Form

DNR Bass Creel Survey

Since 2003 Minnesota B.A.S.S. Nation clubs have assisted the Minnesota DNR in collecting bass creel survey data. Creel surveys provide valuable information such as:
  • Maximum size and mean weights, which are indicators of size structure and exploitation
  • Catch per effort, which are indicators of standing stock and abundance
  • Relationships to lake habitat condition, such as secchi disk, aquatic plants, shoreland condition, and other physical, biological, and chemical descriptors Angler effort and success rates, which are indicators of potential exploitation rates
Find out more about our DNR Creel Survey project


Started in 2012, ReBaits is designed to keep potentially discarded soft plastic baits out of the water and out of the stomachs of bass, and into recycling, not landfills.
Learn more about ReBaits

Weighmaster Program

Developed by Mark Gomez, the Weighmaster program is a curriculum to incorporate the best science available for handling and releasing fish during tournaments.
Weighmaster Program PDF PowerPoint

Boat Ramp Cleanup

Several clubs participate in cleaning up the boat ramp after the conclusion of their club tournaments.
Waconia boat ramp cleanup
Sportsmen Bassmasters - Waconia

Whitefish Shoreland Restoration Project

August 12, 2008
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership, along with the Minnesota Conservation Corp and the Minnesota BASS Federation Nation, partnered to provide shoreline restoration for Whitefish Lake. They planted native perennials, bushes and trees along the eroding (Father Foley) bank of Whitefish Lake, Crow Wing County, MN.

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Project: Leavitt Creek

Project Title: Leavitt Creek Fish Passage Restoration (MN)
Grantee: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Foundation Federal Funds (FWS): $ 30,000
Matching Funds: $161,600
Total Project Costs: $191,600
Project Area: Outing, Minnesota
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, in conjunction with Minnesota BASS Federation Nation, Cass County Highway Department, City of Outing, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Area Fisheries Office, as well as local residents, will replace a failing culvert on Leavitt Creek and restore fish passage on over 2,800 feet of stream between Lawrence and Leavitt Lake. In addition, this project will also reduce erosion and siltation in the system by placement of a culvert at the bankfull width of the stream that will maintain channel stability and natural channel functions. The 35-year old culvert that was improperly placed and greatly undersized has prohibited various fish species such as the northern pike, walleye, and white sucker from getting through to enter Leavitt Lake. Following project completion, flows in the culvert and stream will be assessed to determine if any further modifications are needed to ensure fish passage. This grant is part of the 2007 NFWF-More Fish Partnership Grants Program.

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